Proton Kid

Darius aka Proton Kid started writing music somewere around 1999 and he is doing it ever since. Drum & Bass came around 2004 when he started writing music in a more dark manner which brought some releases (both free and digital). His debut EP “Foster Hate Deeds” was released by Technorganic Recordings. A lot of good feedback was the result and so some labels began to be interested. He left the path of darkstep Drum & Bass shortly after his first vinyl release (Hardline Records HLINE20 with Mystification) and started to focus on a rather “techy” direction with his musical ambitions. He also founded a Techno-DNB project called Kriotek together with his friend Nufojah. With both, his solo and group projects he has got a lot of releases at labels such as: T3K Recordings, Perkussiv, Digital Venom, Ammunition, Foulplay, Wayside, Insekto Digital, Darkbox and many more. He is currently working on some new technoid tracks (very determined to keep this branch of Drum & Bass alive). Also he is very busy on playing events in Europe alongside the biggest artists on the scene.