This is the main series for the entire spectrum of technoid Drum & Bass. T3K Recordings is proud to present a broad variety of Techno-DNB by some of the most striking producers of the scene.

This subseries is one of the two main release-series which is all about different approaches to Techno-DNB, Neurofunk and Neuro-Tech released as “T3K Extended” (T3K-EXT). Expect sick stuff from all over the world.

The subseries for the heavy, dark and nasty stuff is called “T3K Experimental” (T3K-EXP). The name reflects the character perfectly: no limits here! There will be no prisoners made.

“T3K Limited” (T3K-LTD) is the subseries to present talented newcomers or known producers with fresh vibes. It features quality music which is not really expected to be on the T3K Recordings main series.

“T3K Free” (T3K-FREE) gives out full tracks for free to promote the label, signed artists and releases on T3K Recordings. This is a big “thank you” to all supporters and a good way to give something back.