T3K-SUBSINE001: Various Artists – “Armada EP 1″

For a long while, the idyllic cohesion of the Milky Way
has remained undisturbed. Various secret services and
organizations received intelligence about fifty days ago:
The memo contained just one piece of information:
“They are coming!”. The Armada; the combined force of
T3K Industries and SubSine Incorporated, was about to assault
the forgotten blue starting point of humanity’s greates journey.
To say it was unexpected would be a lie, since Earth was holding
one of the universe’s most significant secrets!
Passive and active time travel (also known as “Operation Lifesize”),
once notorious for its unstability, was the next big thing
in volutionary development and was set to change the face of travel.
It was obvious that enemy forces would get on track,
since stealing technology is way more easy than inventing it.

Kilobite, a double agent working for both companies,
and his huge army were ready to invade.
His first strike on Earth was already undertaken a while ago,
executed in collaboration with Agent AnnGree to destroy
the underground resistance.
As a matter of fact, the whole first district of Mega City One
burnt down, gaining the attention of
Security Chief Operator Wresker and his team;
comrades from the Lost Wars and the battle of Xylophobe.

Kilobite was sitting in front of his terminal and awaiting the obvious.
“Stop staring at it like you don’t know he won’t say anything”,
AnnGree moans. “What is taking so much time?!
He wasn’t that slow back in the Kurui System!”.
Lights were flashing on the display, an incoming message from General OaT:
“All forces are on board and ready to go!”. Meanwhile Agent Phonik
started to spread contradictory information to the whole quadrant
so nobody would have a clue about the plan.
It would be fatal if it would come to the attention of “The Big Three”.
Additionally, specialists activated the “Dead Sync”-Virus designed
to disturb all communication channels of the enemy and
Teamleader Sergeant D. Mental already disrupted the deflector shields
from the main power source. The invasion had begun…



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