T3K-LTD048: Kohu – “Soma EP”

The next addition to T3K Limited is
the “Soma EP” by Kohu from New Zealand.
This EP brings you four tracks for all
those that like classic Drum & Bass vibes.

First up is the titletrack which is one
for the lovers of a good deep roller.
A heavy heartwarming bassline, dark vibes
floating around and a very nice groove
make you dive into it. “Ravine” with Unwell
(no stranger to the label; see T3K-FREE060
and T3K-LTD039) pleases your ears with a
strong retro flavour. Some good memories
come back listening to this one. Let it roll.
“Ruataniwha” with Agitate even takes it further.
The Nineties are back and you cant do anything
about it. A nice forward thinking bassline
driven by well known breaks working together
perfectly with gunfingers in the air and a
big salute to the early days. No matter what.
“Version Of Events” takes a different path.
A more experimental one. Halftime at its best.
Will you find a way through the foggy swamp?



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