T3KNOLOGY004: Sequential – “Compulsion EP”

Trio Sequential first came about after outfit
members Cristian and Marius spent time playing
their instruments together in a metal band.
As the years went by, their attention soon
turned to dance music, whereby they honed
their skills as both djs and producers.
It was during this period they met Spectrum,
an artist who’d already begun to make himself
known across their local scene. Soon the three
came together for a neurofunk project which
would catapult each producer into the limelight,
showcasing their unique set of tastes and
how each member brings their individual talent
to their forthcoming package on T3K Recordings.

And the digital-only record label T3K Recordings
serves as the perfect hub for Sequential to
release their music. Having proven their penchant
for a range of musical styles, from minimal to
the deeper side of drum & bass, the label’s base
in Mannheim, Germany, provided a sure-fire way
for the artists’ refined sound to reach the
genre’s far ranging audience.

‘Energize’ throws itself at you with zipping beats
and the type of bassline which drives you straight
through the track’s explosive grooves.
It’s the only way to begin an EP like ‘Compulsion’,
as there’s no other way to open such an unrelenting
set of records. ‘Third Kind’ comes fast and hard,
slicing through with the upmost precision,
gradually becoming more and more overbearing as it
suddenly throws you down a tunnel of clapping drums
and metallic sonics. ‘The Gluttony’ is just as
antagonistic, flying forward with the same high energy
and becoming another cataclysmic introduction into
the fierce noise of Sequential. Lastly, the title-track
bounds into the chaos which is exploding all around
the EP’s listener. ‘Compulsion’ flips between each
crashing segment, becoming more weighty as it builds
on antiquated atmospherics, then finally smashing
into life with throbbing subs. It’s the last furore
and as far as drum & bass goes, it certainly leaves
a shocking aftertaste.

T3K Recordings deliver yet another high-octane,
no-holds-barred release and the production might
of their roster is clear to see from the EP’s start
to finish. Sequential have certainly lived up to
T3K Recordings reputation.


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