Humanon-”Taiga EP” out via Kill Tomorrow

Humanon - Taiga

Release Date: 05/03/2018

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Label: Kill Tomorrow

Catalog: KTR2018D02

The lonesome beast is prowling the labyrinths of the wastelands for prey. The silence of the solitude and the hunger makes all senses of the beast highly alert. Even the slightest sound or movement of the prey is noticeable. The beast lies quietly waiting. But the hunter has now become the hunted. Humanon scampers through the wastelands exploding in a tsunami of subsonic aggression that completely eradicate life as we know it.

Humanon returns to Kill Tomorrow to bring their second EP entitled “Taiga”. The title track “Taiga” slowly evolves and builds up to an epic explosion of bleeding bass and aggressive beats. The second track “Gnosis” is collaboration with SineForm that takes you on an amazing journey with razor sharp beats and captivating soundscape and semi-melodic elements. Humanon teamed up with Kutlo and Kryptomedic for the third track entitled “Burning Cities” – this track is the perfect dance floor burner with gnarly bass, funky beats perfectly seasoned with upfront and masterly performed vocals by Kryptomedic. For the fourth and last track Kaiza & St4sh teamed up to give their interpretation of the title track “Taiga” – their remix is a brutal stomper that will surely light every dance floor on fire.

Humanon was originally a duo based out of Slovakia but quite recently it turned into a trio when Kaiza (member of Instinkt) joined the Group.

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