T3K-RMX010: Rune + Kaiza – “Remixed Vol. 10″ and T3K-FREE074: OaT + Lord Puree – “Bounce”

T3K gives out this insane track by OaT and Lord PURee
for free! This superheavy bouncer will tear you up.
Please also stay tuned for more stuff on T3K Recordings
from the hands of OaT within the near future.


The already tenth EP featuring strong remixes is
here and a wide spectrum of flavours is covered.
Cryptographic reworks Escape and its just what the
original vibe needed. Invadhertz take Break Up to
their studio, fix it right and roll out a relentless
floorburner. T-Psy again comes correct with his
reinterpretation of Fifty and Bobby turned Kobalt
into a zombie that hunts for blood on the dancefloor.


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