T3KNOLOGY002: Parasite – “Mystical EP” and T3K-FREE071: Nordost – “New Ways”

Nordost and T3K Recordings offer
a filthy dancefloor track for free.
“New Ways” is simple but effective and
a good addition to all digital record bags.
Get it now.


Parasite (Twisted and OTM aka Rakoon) are
newcomers within the realms of drum & bass,
but the label giving them a platform for
their forthcoming ‘Mystical EP’ definitely isn’t.
Meanwhile, T3K Recordings are an imprint
born out of Mannheim, Germany, and they continue
to deliver some of the most ferocious cuts
to line sets throughout the scene. The merging
of Parasite and T3K Recordings had happened
before with ferocious consequences and they
return with a full EP which heads back to
that sound. They fit perfectly within the
confines of T3K Recordings roster, which also
nods to the unforgiving sounds which multiply
across drum & basses underground. And their
‘Mystical EP’ is no different, convulsing with
the type of slick, nasty beats which are helping
to pedestal Parasite’s music onto the masses.

However, T3K Recordings also specialise in the
diversity which is highlighted throughout their
back catalogue, with the digital only label never
confining themselves to one paradigm. That’s also
what makes Parasite’s signing so interesting;
their diversity moves directly within T3K Recordings
ethos and it’s this versatility which oozes
throughout each track featured on the collection.
‘Mystical’ begins with an ethereal undertow
throughout its intro, one which gradually builds
then breaks into a nastily orchestrated melody.
Parasite aren’t afraid to go for the jugular
after the first breakdown, coming back for more
with every segment and creating a mix which is
difficult to penetrate. ‘In Motion’ focuses on
tinny bass, pads of percussion and an intimidating,
ghost-like sampling which sits underneath.

‘Faturator’ pushes the mechanical engineering
which can be seen prevalently throughout each one
of Parasite’s productions. It winds up mercilessly,
before breaking into minimalist anarchy.
Then you’re pulled into ‘Cryostasis’, peddling
scuttles of percussion and tinkering hi-hats.
Each drum pounds draws you in further and further,
before its moody atmospherics become almost overbearing.
Every shake of distorted bass drags you into its
metallic intricacies, a realm of sound which Parasite
reigns supreme over. The track listing demonstrates
Parasite’s unshakeable production standard and
divergence from the norm. Together, Parasite and
T3K Recordings come forward to make a seismic impact,
one which will surely reverberate throughout
the darkest realms of drum & bass.


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