T3KNOLOGY001: Manta – “Cosmonaut EP”

Salzburg based drum & bass artist Manta
continues to push his personal boundaries
with each release he’s using to build
a growing reputation. Born from two
professional musicians, he has used his
early musical background to craft a level
of production which reflects throughout
every scrupulous track he’s released.
And after becoming inspired by the world
of drum & bass, he turned his hand to
being both a creator and DJ, releasing
his first ‘No One’ EP in 2015 which saw
his rise to notoriety. Spinning behind
the decks at Salzburg’s Breakfast-Crew
parties, the city became a platform for
him to test out every track he’d spent
time engineering in his studio.
Following more releases on the likes of
Fragmented Recordings and Moshbit Recordings,
he’s risen to dizzying heights in recent
years whilst studying to further his skills
in Audio-Design in Vienna.

This journey has lead him to his forthcoming
‘Cosmonaut’ EP, being released on another
stellar independent imprint and once again
demonstrating his slick engineering.
T3K Recordings has offered up their platform
for four brand new tracks from the artist,
also featuring a collaboration with budding
newcomer Screamarts. ‘Wizard’ begins the EP,
with rumbling bass leading the intro before
you’re dropped into flurries of drum patterns
and a pumping bassline. Each break falls
harder and harder, leaving you tasting a
heavyweight record which smashes on impact.
The melody which radiates throughout
‘Circus Rotation’ gives a more harmonic twist
against its dancefloor appeal, juxtaposing
‘Wizard’ and giving an added snapshot into
Manta’s diversity.

Then you’re brought into title-track
‘Cosmonaut’, aptly named because of its
extra-terrestrial LFO bass and stabs of
quick-fire beats. You’re pulled into the
tracks manic bassline which dips and weaves
between its composition, leaving you reeling
at its dizzying speed whilst pushing you
further into the mix with every punch of sonic.
‘Evil Driver’ ft. Screamarts utilises a
call-to-arms, diced up vocal sample and
colliding kicks to bring an anthem which
closes the EP in a triggering fashion.
Bit by bit the cut encompasses you, leaving
you gasping for breath. All four tracks add
another rung on Manta’s career ladder and
also helps to elevate T3K Recordings broadening
back catalogue of music.


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