T3K-RMX002: Rune + Kaiza – “Remixed Vol.2 EP”

After the massive first EP, it is now time
to drop “Remixed Vol. 2″ which takes you even
further. Again, four tracks by Rune+Kaiza are
reworked by some very interesting artists:
the Survey boys show why they get so much good
feedback lately, their remix is pure vibes,
SL8R is a very versatile and talented artist
who simply nails it with his super-rolling
reinterpretation, ZEPH4R is capable of repairing
a space shuttle in orbit with one rusty
screwdriver and his remix is just a brilliant track
and last but not least the one and only Bereneces
takes you to the darkest woods again to scare the
heck out of you.


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