T3K-LTD005: Kr4y – “Protozoa” EP


Kr4y is putting out his third track via T3K Recordings.
Once again it is a pure and deep rollout which keeps
building up. This time his music is re-interpreted by
three very interesting and upcoming names: Fade from
the Ukraine is not only known to underground heads
anymore. Right now he is signed on Renegade
Hardware, Voodoo Music, IM:Ltd and various other
labels. His remix keeps the vibe but combines it with
his own ideas and so creates a serious stepper.
Darkhalf is running the Extent Recordings Group and
combines the elements of the original sound with
traditional and UK-oriented sound aesthetics which
results in a deep and surprising odyssey. Last but
not least, Proton Kid is a known but dangerous thread
and after his recent releases on T3K Recordings he
shows his skills again and comes correct with typical
transylvanian filth and dancefloor cracker bizness.


T3K-LIMITED (T3K-LTD) by t3krecordings

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