T3K-FREE004: Fragz – “Reboot” EP

T3K gives out these two tunes by Fragz for free! It is some nice stuff from Portugal so why not check it out and also listen to “Abuse” by Fragz out on T3K Recordings (see T3K-EXT011)! FREE DOWNLOAD (soundcloud): T3K-FREE004 Fragz -Reboot by t3krecordings T3K-FREE004 Fragz -Nightmare by t3krecordings INFO (click on icon): NETWORKS (click […]


Tilt-Recordings free giveaways (free 320 mp3s of all vinyl releases!)

Tilt-Recordings is giving out free 320 mp3s of all vinyl releases! All you have to do is to click on the release you want to have. That easy. After our vinyl backstock was given away for free, all 20 tunes released on vinyl by Tilt-Recordings are now available as free mp3 downloads: TILT010: Isotop + […]


T3K-LTD004: Absurd – “Autorumba”

The second release by siberian Absurd is coming your way. After the highly anticipated “T3K EP” (T3K023) it is now time to check out one of the latest works called “Autorumba” which is a contemporary reduced piece of technoid Drum & Bass. While most of the Russian producers just make hard stuff or copy known […]


T3K029: Proton Kid – “Stab”

The name Proton Kid stands for quality! This track is not the only but one of the most impressing proofs of the skills of this master of arts. He is known for being a smartass and a lot of people think he is friendly but this is only pretended, his music is showing his real […]


T3K028: Yabol The Mechapriest – “The Big Bang”

T3K is back! And finally it is time to announce that Yabol is signed on the label. It took quite a while (he is one of the active members of Mechaplex Crew from Poland and calls himself “The Mechapriest” now and his productions were signed by powerhouses like Impakt, Sinuous, Tilt-Recordings and Venom Inc) but […]

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